A Great Start to the New Year!

by Rebecca Webb
January 2, 2019


A Great Start to the New Year

With the rush of the holidays slowing, and the shopping bustle quieting down, we can finally enjoy (haha) the sound of Christmas music playing softly in the background!  If only for a few more days.

Every new year brings new challenges and new goals.  How do we tackle the new year with joy, peace and persistence?

1. Make your 2019 list.  Find some much needed quiet time and grab a hot beverage and write the list.  You can divide it into categories.  Realistic to-dos to fill the winter months before spring budding.  And also 'reach' items, things you would love to do but may take a bit more planning, courage or will power to achieve.

2. Rest and recover.  The holidays is a wild time of planning, cleaning and cooking, shopping and welcoming.  Now is time to rest and recover.  Give the body a rest from over abundance.  Resting to rebuild and renew is crucial to being your best self.

3.  Find support.  Having supportive friends or loved ones who encourage are great resources to garner during a new month that means renewal.  Reach out to someone who can encourage the beginning of new things.  If you know someone who says "you would be great at that" or "how wonderful, that must have made you feel good", find that person and connect to have a conversation filled with positive "I Can" thoughts.

4. Be realistic and embrace it.  Baby steps in all things will get you to the end result.  Begin, follow through, complete.  Repeat.  My grandmother said "Life by the inch is a cinch.  Life by the yard is hard."  Some days we are so busy 'doing' that we don't need to remind ourselves about baby steps.  And some days baby steps are the very thing to our own just getting through it.  And it does yield results!

5. Remember who you are and that people need people.  In our world of social media, anti-social behavior is becoming more relevant and with that, sometimes damaging.  That being said, we all have the ability to help, support or encourage another on any given day.  I always liked the saying "Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person."  What a lovely, profound truth.  

So... what do you need to tackle in 2019?  

Go ahead... Get Started!

Welcome the year with renewal, hope for good things and a fresh start.  



Rebecca Webb is a long time friend and colleague of Lizzy Conroy. Rebecca works in the capacity of marketing and business development, writing and social media. Before working with Lizzy in the real estate field, Rebecca worked on Lizzy's Leukemia and Lymphoma Man and Woman of the Year Campaign Team, helping the hard working team win both the local and national championship. Additionally in their past partnerships, Rebecca worked with Lizzy in business development of US partnerships on behalf of The English Manner, a British Etiquette and Luxury Travel company under the leadership of UK-Partner Alexandra Messervy and US-partner Genie Ford.
A busy mother of six children, Rebecca enjoys the brain-break of marketing and writing. At University, Rebecca received her undergraduate degree in English with a minor in Spanish from George Mason University. Her Spanish minor took her degree studies to Seville and Madrid, with a heritage nod to her ancestors from Valencia. Rebecca's love of travel extends to her Australian husband and their multicultural family life and extended family abroad.



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