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Resources for Senior Living in McLean, VA

Chesterbrook Woods neighbors welcomed guest speaker Jeanina DiVittorio of Grand Oaks, an Assisted Living Residence in Washington, DC, to talk about Senior Living.

Jeanina says, "While we aspire to age in place, being aware of our choices in case something changes is a strong proactive move.  Making important life changing decisions under duress can be very stressful, even traumatic. It is important to be self aware and proactive as we get older. Life can change in a day."
If you do your homework ahead of time, in a proactive manner, you improve your quality of life.  We make these decisions to move to live longer, not to die.

Did you know?
It is reported that McLean has a disproportionately larger senior population.  Nearly a third (33%) of McLean residents are above the age of 55, compared to Fairfax County which is reportedly 24%.

The McLean Community Village Association (McLeanCVA) - Part of the Village Movement, the McLeanCVA is a wonderful McLean Resource for Seniors.

What is the Village Movement?  
The Village Movement is designed to help people age in place and help those stay independent as long as possible.  We are fortunate to have a thriving Community Village right here in McLean!

McLeanCVA seeks to “make greater McLean a friendly, connected, and supportive community for all, while recognizing the interests of our 50+ community and adults living with disabilities. The premise of McLeanCVA is "The wisdom and experience of a fully engaged senior community enhances the lives of all in the neighborhood.”

The McLeanCVA website has information about membership and about the village movement, events, volunteering, and more.

Researching Your Information...

In the DC Area alone, there are over 3,000 Home Care agencies!  "Do not do your research in a vacuum," Jeanina says.  There are advisors who help you through the vetting process of finding the right and reputable services you need.  

Some Senior Living titles and job functions are...

  • Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)
  • Eldercare and estate planning attorneys
  • Aging life care manager
  • Senior Move Manager
  • Home care provider
  • Daily money manager
  • Geriatrician and physician (some make house calls)
  • Personal Assistant Concierge
  • Therapists, physical, occupational and speech, cognitive who specialize in issues of aging
  • Chef
  • Gerontologist
  • Concierge services - personal assistance and move management
  • Specific navigation company

Please feel free to reach out to Jeanina to ask for a referral or recommendation or to explain a job title.   

There are stigmas of senior living...

Question: What about the stigma that Nursing Homes are rooms with hospital beds in sterile clinical environments?  

Today's Retirement Communities could not be further from this stereotype!

With spacious and luxurious apartments, they are vibrant communities with events, field trips and fine dining.  Food is prepared by an executive chef. Residents take Uber, they go to the beach house with the children, they come and go as they please.  It is today's worry free living... the idea that it is restrictive or refining is false.

McLean and surrounding offers several retirement villages.  Here are a recommended few:

  • Grand Oaks, an Assisted Living Residence - 5901 MacArthur Blvd, NW, Washington, DC 20016 Grand Oaks combines the comfort and amenities of gracious living with a range of care options for seniors.  “We deliver excellence and compassionate care – every resident, every time.”
  • The Mather Tysons - 7901 Jones Branch Drive, McLean, Va 22102.  Senior Community in Tysons, set to open in 2023, seeks to redefine senior living.  "The Mather enhances the lives of those 62 and better with exceptional programs, services and amenities.  But the true luxury lies in the peace of mind that comes with living in an extraordinary Life Plan Community."
  • Vinson Hall - 6251 Old Dominion Drive, McLean, Va 22101.  Vinson Hall Retirement Community is a Life Plan Community. It began as a labor of love, conceived by the Navy Officers' Wives' Club of Washington, D.C. to create a retirement home for widows and has flourished into a vibrant senior living community.
  • Larmax Homes - 8337 Lewinsville Rd, McLean.  Larmax offers assisted living and memory care services in intimate, person-centered homes with eight residents.

Jeanina's Pearls of Wisdom

  • Life Changes in a Day
  • Don't do your research in a vacuum
  • Use a mediator when communicating with your children
  • Make your life great
  • Make Senior Living a time of joy and not worry
  • Maintenance Free Living - focus on things you want to do versus worrying about taking care of a home
  • Letting go of emotional attachments
  • Right-sizing - (formerly downsizing)
  • Isolation - A must to address (social)
  • Nutrition - receiving proper nourishment

Excellent Websites and Recommendations

Book Recommendations:

  • Love’s Way - Living Peacefully with Your Family as Your Parents Age, Carolyn Miller Parr and Sig Cohen, authors
  • Sky Above Clouds  - Finding Our Way through Creativity, Aging, and Illness, Wendy L Miller and Gene D Cohen with Teresa H Barker, authors
  • Being Mortal, Atul Gawande, author

Organizing/Decluttering/Moving resources:

Jeanina DiVittorio can be contacted to offer a recommendation or referral to a reputable business or association in Senior Living. She can also explain a title, job, function or personnel of senior living.
Jeanina, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

About Jeanina and Contact Information:
Jeanina is a friend of neighbor Lizzy Conroy and works as Director of Sales and Community Development for Grand Oaks Assisted Living Community in Washington, DC.  She does external business development for Grand Oaks. Jeanina can be contacted with questions about Senior Living or local recommendations by phone and email.

Jeanina DiVittorio – Phone 1-202-345-9665
Email -



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