Simple Ways to Cut Your Energy Cost!

by Rebecca Webb
January 8, 2019

Simple Ways to Cut Down on Your Home's Energy Costs!

There are many different ways to cut cost of energy usage in your home.  Some are simple, 5 minute switches and some cost more up front with a long term savings.

1. Adjust your thermostat.  Keeping your thermostat at 68 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter saves on average 2% of your energy bill.

2. Sweater Season!  Keep warm cardigans and sweaters at hand.  Slippers and hot tea are also a good way to keep warm in winter. 

3.  Energy efficient light bulbs.  If your lights have not yet been switched to LED, this is a simple, fast way to cut cost in your homes today. 

4. Drafty windows.  Are your windows old and drafty?  Pick up a window insulation kit at the hardware store.  Not very expensive, these simple kits are a great way to tackle those miserable window drafts.  

5. Drop the temperature on the hot water heater.  The manufacturer setting on a water heater is often 140 degrees Fahrenheit, but 120 degrees is sufficient for heating.  

6. Replace your filters.  Don't know where your filters are?  You're not alone.  Ask the contractor next time he is out, or ask a trusted neighbor.  Filter replacement is a simple task, but filters not replaced can cause a real drain on energy units.

7. Use the oven less.  Smaller appliances like the stove top or slow cooker use less energy.

8. Energy Effiicient Appliances.  Are you in the market for a new appliance?  Ask an informed service rep what the best energy efficient products are and then compare.  

Stay warm and save a few more dollars during the year!







Rebecca Webb is a long time friend and colleague of Lizzy Conroy. Rebecca works in the capacity of marketing and business development, writing and social media. Before working with Lizzy in the real estate field, Rebecca worked on Lizzy's Leukemia and Lymphoma Man and Woman of the Year Campaign Team, helping the hard working team win both the local and national championship. Additionally in their past partnerships, Rebecca worked with Lizzy in business development of US partnerships on behalf of The English Manner, a British Etiquette and Luxury Travel company under the leadership of UK-Partner Alexandra Messervy and US-partner Genie Ford.
A busy mother of six children, Rebecca enjoys the brain-break of marketing and writing. At University, Rebecca received her undergraduate degree in English with a minor in Spanish from George Mason University. Her Spanish minor took her degree studies to Seville and Madrid, with a heritage nod to her ancestors from Valencia. Rebecca's love of travel extends to her Australian husband and their multicultural family life and extended family abroad.
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